Synopsys TCAD Seminar Recording
Winter 2020

Synopsys’ TCAD Seminar 2020 is now on-demand.

Seminar Overview

Join our free TCAD Seminar to learn about the application of Synopsys TCAD solutions to accelerate the research, development and optimization of semiconductor technologies. The seminar tracks cover all major semiconductor technologies, from advanced logic and memory to analog, power and optoelectronics. The solutions presented in this seminar are based on the industry-standard Sentaurus TCAD and Process Explorer tools, integrated into simulation flows that often also include the QuantumATK platform for atomic-scale materials modeling and TCAD-to-SPICE extraction for links into circuit simulation.

Who Should Attend

TCAD engineers, technology development engineers, DTCO technologists, device and process engineers and managers who work in technology development and want to learn the latest techniques for using Synopsys TCAD products.

What You Will Learn

The purpose of this seminar is to communicate the latest enhancements in the Synopsys’ TCAD products and their application to the development of state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies. Our aim is to equip attendees with practical techniques to explore new device concepts and to optimize processes to improve device performance and manufacturability. Key topics include solution-oriented TCAD simulation flows, materials modeling, calibration methodologies and model selection, 3D process emulation, variability analysis and DTCO.

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Primary Agenda



TCAD Overview

The seminar begins with an overview of the major semiconductor industry drivers (5G, Computing, IoT, Autonomous Driving and Vehicle Electrification) and the enablement technologies for these industries (AI, Cloud Computing, Power Electronics). These drivers create both challenges and opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers who strive to develop new products with the right mix of performance, reliability and cost to service these applications. We then describe semiconductor technology requirements to address these applications and conclude with a summary of the Synopsys TCAD roadmap.

Advanced Logic & Design for Co-Optimization (DTCO)

This session presents the latest Sentaurus TCAD techniques for simulating FinFET and gate-all-around (GAA) transistors for N3 and beyond. We describe the modeling of quantum transport in scaled channels, characterization of new metals for middle-of-line with QuantumATK, extraction of standard cell parasitics with Raphael FX, and the extraction of compact models with Mystic. The simulation flows are combined into a Design-Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) methodology which also extends into early PDK creation and design-level evaluation of PPA metrics with feedback to technology.

Advanced Memory & Module and Process Integration

This track presents the application of Sentaurus TCAD, Process Explorer, Raphael FX to 3D-NAND and DRAM development, including optimization of bit cells, interconnect parasitic extraction, modeling of leakage currents in dielectric materials and simulation of high aspect ratio etching and deposition. We present applications of Process Explorer to the process integration and optimization of logic and memory technologies. Recent enhancements in models and usability are highlighted.  Moreover, recent enhancements to Sentaurus Topography for detailed topographical modeling are presented, including plasma and charge models.

Analog / Power Devices and ICs

This track summarizes recent enhancements in Sentaurus TCAD for the design and optimization of power devices, including methods for estimating breakdown voltage in large devices and updated calibration of SiC implantation. We illustrate the application of a new optimization framework to the structural optimization of silicon power devices. Several application examples in GaN HFET are also discussed.

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NOTE: For video replay in Mandarin, please visit Synopsys TCAD Seminar Taiwan.