Synopsys AIoT Summit 2021

New Era of AI & Automotive Starts Here
Learn about the latest technologies and trends in embedded processor IP and more. Pre-registration is required.

Synopsys AIoT Summit 2021 A Virtual Experience 

隨著5G、物聯網、車用電子及人工智慧(AI)等科技的蓬勃發展,晶片系統和規模的複雜度不斷增加,設計人員也面臨著開發更強大且更節能SoC和子系統的挑戰。其中,處理器的效率,對於為前述應用提供動能更是至關重要。Synopsys的DesignWare ARC®處理器經過優化,可為任何特定的功率或面積提供最佳成果。

因應COVID-19疫情,考量與會貴賓健康安全及配合政府強化防疫政策,Synopsys AIoT Summit 2021今年採線上形式舉辦!議程內容包括來自 Synopsys 專家、ARC用戶和ARC生態系統合作夥伴分享產品開發所面臨的挑戰以及新技術與解決方案的應用。與會者將了解半導體市場發展趨勢以及針對廣泛嵌入式領域,包括物聯網、車用安全、嵌入式視覺、軟體安全等特定基於ARC的解決方案。Synopsys AIoT Summit提供最新ARC處理器 IP 和相關軟硬體技術整合的深入資訊,協助您在最短時間內在晶片或系統設計中打造更具差異化的產品,進而掌握產業新契機。

Join us for the virtual Synopsys AIoT Summit to hear our experts, users and ecosystem partners discuss the most recent trends and solutions that impact the development of SoCs for embedded applications.  This event will provide you with in-depth information from industry leaders on the latest ARC processor IP and related hardware/software technologies that enable you to achieve differentiation in your chip or system design.

Who Should Attend?

無論您是晶片、系統還是軟體開發人員,Synopsys AIoT Summit將為您提供實用資訊,協助您在最短的時間內滿足您所開發的產品性能、功率和面積等獨特的要求。

請點選 Sign up/Login 完成預先線上報名及帳號啟用手續,即能在研討會上線期間(2021/12/27~2022/1/26),隨選影片點閱觀看。

Whether you are a developer of chips, systems or software, the virtual Synopsys AIoT Summit will give you practical information to help you meet your unique performance, power and area requirements in the shortest amount of time. 

Please click Sign up/Login to complete the online registration and account activation. The pre-recorded presentation videos will be available on-demand starting from Dec. 27. 

Primary Agenda Introduction

主題演講:由新思科技總裁暨營運長Sassine Ghazi擔任Synopsys主題演講,分享新思科技因應AI機器學習及車用電子技術的策略佈局;並特別邀請到創鑫智慧創辦人暨清華大學講座教授林永隆進行專家主題演講,深入探討開發複雜AI系統所面臨的機會與挑戰以及AIoT整合應用的市場趨勢等議題。

焦點話題:聚焦當前半導體創新應用,規劃主題含括:Automotive、AIoT、Enabling Technologies等。

This year, Synopsys AIoT Summit features insightful keynotes from industry leaders and diverse technical tracks that will provide a unique opportunity for users to get in-depth knowledge on the latest technology development trend for AI/IoT and processor IP applications.


NOTE: Pleas scroll down or click on Agenda for more detail about Synopsys AIoT Summit agenda. The agenda is subject to change without prior notice.

Synopsys Keynote: The New Semiconductor Ecosystem – Opportunities and Challenge

Sassine Ghazi
President & COO, Synopsys

New levels of innovation are creating widespread change in the semiconductor ecosystem. Design, manufacturing and software advances are converging to create a new product development process, presenting new opportunities and challenges. Consumer & business demand for Smart Everything appears limitless. In this new landscape, traditional Moore’s law requirements are blending with new, system design requirements. We call this the SysMoore Era. In this presentation, Sassine Ghazi, president and COO of Synopsys will explore these trends – their roots and impact as well as the opportunities and challenges they present.